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صاحبان مشاغل و بنگاه های اقتصادی و فروشگاه های کوچک و بزرگ اگر از نرم افزارهای ویندوزی برای کسب و کار خود استفاده میکنید و با توجه به گسترش فعالیت ،افزایش شعبات و یا  نظارت بر عملکرد نرم افزارهای های مالی ، اداری و… نیاز به تحت وب کردن نرم افزار خود دارید  می توانید بدون تغییر نرم افزار و خرید نرم افزار جدید  از راهکار وب کام که امن ,ارزان ,آسان و دارای سرعت بالایی  است برای تحت وب کردن نرم افزارهای ویندوزی خود استفاده کنید.


with Webcam

Always be online

Business owners and businesses and stores large and small if you use Windows-based software for your business And due to the expansion of activity, increase of branches or monitoring the performance of financial, office software and etc, you need to web your software, You can use Webcom solution, which is safe, cheap, easy and high speed, to make your Windows software web-based without changing the software and buying new software.


Apply for agency / marketing and sales agency points

In order to develop its sales network and provide its services to eligible interested parties to participate in the sale and distribution of Webcom products and services throughout the country, Webcam Company grants real and legal applicants representation / marketing and sales agency points.

درخواست نمایندگی

We offer powerful and distinctive services

فروش بیشتر

More sales

Selling is the first goal of all individuals and companies Therefore, different policies are implemented in this regard. One of these policies is the use of software under Android that is connected to the central application And customers and marketers can Register an order based on it.

کاهش هزینه

Reduce costs

Distributors can reduce many of their costs with the help of Webcom software and they can invest this cost in different parts of their work. Research has shown that using Webcom software reduces costs by 20% to 30%.

متصل به حسابداری

Connected to accounting

Ability to connect to a variety of accounting software such as peach, sepidar, etc., which has many capabilities such as inventory control and central management of goods, customers, etc

صرفه جویی در زمان

Saving time

Ability to connect to a variety of accounting software such as peach, sepidar, etc., which has many capabilities such as inventory control and central management of goods, customers, etc.

پروژه خود را با ما در کمترین زمان ممکن مدیریت و آنالیز کنید

Manage and analyze your project with us in the shortest possible time

Preparation of program information according to project processes (including time, resources, cost, scope, risk, etc.) such as time planning and project progress, resource planning and project budget and etc. Prepare, update, control changes and progress, record and maintain real project information that allows comparison with program information in the form of reports, tables and forms prepared with the help of software packages during the project life cycle Makes it possible to make appropriate predictions and decisions for project management and guidance according to the approved time, purpose, quality and budget.

Organizational strategy of a set of processes to communicate and provide value to customers

The overall process is to build and maintain profitable relationships with the customer by providing a more valuable product or service and gaining customer satisfaction. All aspects of customer acquisition, participation and growth are within its area of responsibility.

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Greetings and Regards
I have been using Webcam products (telecommuting and ordering) for about 2 years. Really great products and support. During this time, if I encounter any problems, my webcam support team has helped me with high speed and accuracy, and I would like to thank you for your efforts and technical support.

Hello, I bought the Webcam Yar Visiting software. In addition to its excellent support, you have been wonderful and polite, and you have started my work with patience and endurance. This behavior and your personality have made Webcam products always my first priority.

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